Hat Trick Ball Hockey League
Coed Orleans - Sunday

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Weekly update

It’s great to be back as we kick off our 2019 season with 9 games on tap! Three of them were decide by just one goal including a shootout game. We had a couple more games decided by three or less and a few beat downs as teams adjust to their squad. The schedule has been posted for the next two weeks allowing you to plan ahead and allowing us to gauge for divisions!

Top Performers

On the opening night, we start with the tenders and Carlo De Marinis gets the love stopping all 27 shots he faced for the win and the shutout! Guy wise, Mikael Gaumond scored five goals to lead all player and Colin Kargus scored three and set up two more to earn a mention. Our lady of the night was Chelsea Lloyd who was a beast scoring twice and picking up two assists!


Team Generations vs Goblins

In our first game of the season we had TG taking on a new team to Sunday’s in GOB, in this game where the score didn’t match the effort. TG would open the scoring as Michelle Charlebois would snap home a juicy rebound. Carl Grondin would extend the lead to 2 as he picked up a rebound and just outmuscled the D to tap in an easy one, 2-0. Mikael Gaumond would get the next 2 as he would score on a backhand, while cutting across the middle, and follow that up as he threw it in off the face-off, 4-0. GOB would get one back as Tyler Grandy, who had a plethora of chances on this afternoon, would tap in a loose ball. That’s how it looked at the break as TG were up 4-1, and also lead in the shot department, 18-11. The second didn’t take long for TG to get another one as seconds in, Stephane Gagnon would tap in a cross floor pass, 5-1. Less than two minutes later, Gaumond was at it again as he tapped in a rebound, 6-1. C. Grondin would get a cross-crease pass that the tender would overcommit to, easy tap in, 7-1. Gaumond would get the next two, first he would walk out from behind the net and tap it in. He would finish off the scoring in this one as he picked up a loose ball and wristed it up top to give TG their first victory of the year, 9-1.


The Price is Right vs Muskies

In our next game we had TPIR taking on MSK, in a game with a dramatic finish. The first half didn’t have much offense. The only goal of the half saw TPIR, Francois St-Jacques, bang in his own rebound, 1-0. That’s how it looked at half, as the masked men were doing a good job in this one. The shots were even at 15 a piece, in this close game. The second was a complete 180 from the first as there were a bunch of goals. Greg Sutherland would extend the lead for TPIR as he tapped in a loose ball, five-hole, 2-0. Kevin Dresch would blast home a one-timer in the slot making it 2-1. Dana Doevniok would wrist one home from the point to regain the 2 goal lead, 3-1. Natasha Jamieson would extend the lead to 3 as she tapped one in off a rebound, 4-1 with just about three minutes to go. With about two and a half minutes to go, Mathieu Trepanier would get the ball in the middle and wrist it home, 4-2. Twenty seconds later, James Terris would wire one that missed the net, but he got some luck on this one as it hit the wall and then the goalie and went in, 4-3. With just about a minute remaining, Gen Bisson would one-time it home to make this one as even as the moment this game started, 4-4. And on that note, we were headed to our first shootout of the year. The first round Saw M. Trepanier shooting for MSK and St-Jacques shooting for TPIR. St-Jacques would score and M. Trepanier was stopped. Off to the second round where MSK needed a goal. Bisson for MSK and Jamieson for TPIR, saw neither girl score as TPIR get their first W in this new season.


Saved by the Balls vs Dirty Birds

Our next game saw SBTB taking on DB in this close affair. DB would open the scoring, less than a minute in, as Simon Landreville would wrist it home in front, 1-0. About seven minutes later, Pat Charette would chip in a loose ball that just sort of floated in, 1-1. The rest of the half saw shots, shots and more shots, but no more goals. DB held the edge in shots, 18-11, but not the lead. The second saw some more good goaltending, as it took six minutes and a penalty for the next one as Carole-Anne Lacasse would get a shot off that deflected in off the defender, 2-1. Alex Paquette, who was playing out of his usual crease, get a top corner wrister, while on the power play once more, to extend the lead to 3-1. About ninety seconds later, Gabriel Grimard would one-time home a pass to the middle making it 4-1. A few minutes later we would see Tanner McRae get a little help, as the ball hit the ref off of a clearing attempt, land right in front of him as he then cut to the middle and beat the keeper with a laser, high glove, 4-2. With just over two minutes to go, Paul Calvert would backhand a rebound in front, making it 4-3. Try as they might, SBTB couldn’t get one more to even it up as DB take this one 4-3.


Jagrbombs vs Huskies

In our next match-up we saw JB taking on HSK, in this close game that had a playoff feel in week one. JB would open the scoring as Normand Lanthier would wrist one, top cheese, making it 1-0. Andrew Anderson would respond as he blasted one in from the point. It took nearly seven minutes for the next goal as Gabriel Rancourt would wrist one home making it 2-1 JB. Justin Potenza would even it up, once more, as he got a second chance on his first shot and it just squeaked in, 2-2. Alastair Webb would give HSK their first lead of the game, as he wristed one home from the face-off dot. And that’s how it looked at the break with HSK up 3-2 and leading in shots 26-13. JB would get a quick goal, less than thirty seconds into the half, as Melanie Joanisse picked up a loose ball and wristed it home, 3-3. Lanthier would even it up about six minutes later as he blasted it home from the point, 4-3 JB. About five minutes later, Potenza would get the ball in the middle and wristed it up top, 4-4. Less than a minute later, Pierre Mitsou would get the ball in the slot and get off an unholy wrister, that the goalie would get most of, but not all, and it would trickle in giving JB the 5-4 lead with about seven minutes remaining. Well in those seven minutes we saw multiple chances for both teams, but both keepers were perfect the rest of the way as JB take this one 5-4.


Dekes of Hazard vs Soft Dump in the Corner

In our next game we had DOH taking on SDITC, in this penalty riddled game. DOH would score first, while on the power play, as Sara Ruggiero would wrist it on net, and it just trickled in, 1-0. About five minutes later, while on the man advantage once again, Ruggiero would beat the keeper with a wrister. With a little over three minutes remaining in the half, Ken Wardroper would beat the keeper cleanly from the point making it 3-0 as we were head into the break. DOH held the edge in shots, 24-20. The second half saw SDITC starting down a man early, which resulted in you guessed it another power play goal. K. Wardroper would blast a slapper from the point, 4-0. With a change of pace, Sophie Filion would get an even strength goal as the ball just hit her and went in, 5-0. There was a bit of a heated moment between a couple players, that was followed by a tense moment with an official… but once it all cleared, DOH was up by a player. And once again, they would make SDITC pay. Ben Bisson would wrist it home to make it 6-0, with about two minutes remaining. Well that’s all she wrote as time expired and DOH take their first W of the season in convincing fashion, 6-0.


Suds, Buds and Windmills vs Bar Down Bandits

In our next one we saw SBW taking on BDB in this game that saw a lot of running around. SBW would open the scoring on the man advantage, as Heather would tap in a rebound off the back wall, 1-0. Eric Schnob would bang home his own rebound making it 2-0. About thirty seconds later, Matt Poirier would get a pass in the slot and just wire it over the tender, 2-1. Steven Howlett would find himself all alone with the tender as he would deke him, and finish on his back hand; 2-2. Rick Moreno would give BDB their first lead of the game as he wristed it home from half, 3-2. Howlett would extend their lead as he would deposit one, with ten seconds left in the half, on his backhand to make it 4-2 as we were headed into the break. BDB held the edge in shots 13-11. Julie Koncan would give BDB the 3 goal lead as she deposited the loose ball in front, 5-2. Dylan Cundell would stop the bleeding as he blasted it top corner, from his own end, 5-3. Poirier would get that one back as he banged home a rebound, 6-3. Marc Belisle would get a quick shot of and it would trickle in, low corner, making it 6-4. Peter Jemmett would wrist one up top from half, as he made it 7-4. With about eight and a half minutes remaining, the keepers would really lock it down as no more goals would get past either masked man as BDB take this one 7-4.


Electric Mayhem vs No ReGretzkies 

In our next game we had EM taking on NR, in this high scoring affair. NR would open the scoring early as Colin Kargus would get a few whacks at it and just willed the ball in, 1-0. Cody Bigelow would even it up as he got a pass from the tender and wired it home from half, 1-1. NR would get the next 4 goals in a seven minute span. First Chelsea Lloyd would deflect one in front. Next, we would see Kargus go back-to-back as he would wrist a short side squeaker. He would follow it up with a deke where he finished upstairs. Shawn Weller would cap it off with a one-timer giving his team the 5-1 lead as we were headed into the break. NR also held the edge in shots, 24-10. The second saw pretty much the same as the first, with NR carrying most of the play. Jake Hardwick would beat the keeper with a top shelf wrister, 6-1. Mark Laurin would score about a minute later, with a low corner wrister, 7-1. Marc Banville would get one back as he received a cross floor pass and deposited it on his back hand, 7-2. With time winding down, Lloyd and Hardwick would score again as NR take this one 9-2.


In Lord Matthews We Trust vs Vandelay Industries

In our next game we would see ILMWT taking on VI, in this surprisingly quiet game on one side. The first nine minutes saw nothing but shots and saves, until Jason Marriott wristed one in off the face-off, 1-0. Alex Rogozynski would add to the lead, less than a minute later, as he tipped in a pass, 2-0. Warren Gies would extend the lead further as he would backhand one past the keeper off a face-off, 3-0. Rogozynski would extend the lead more as he would reach for a loose ball and tap it home making it 4-0 as we were headed into the break. ILMWT held the slight edge in shots, 13-11. The second started with a goal, jut ninety seconds in as Valerie Gies would bang home a rebound off the back wall, 5-0. Marriott would finish off the scoring for the game as he wristed one, five-hole, as ILMWT took this one 6-0.


The Robinson’s vs Balls and Dolls

Our last game of the night saw TR taking on BD, in this tight game. TR would open the scoring as Pat Boivin would walk in and wrist it from half, 1-0. Benoit Payer would even it up on a pretty give-and-go. First Payer would give it to Matt Denis in the corner, and e would return the pass as B. Payer was stretching to reach it as he ended up on his knees as he slid it past the keeper, 1-1. That’s all the action she wrote in the first half as there were a plethora of chances, but no more goals. BD held the slight edge in shots, 22-20. TR would open the scoring, once more, as Charbil Kabouchi would take a shot from his own end, that would hit something and go in, 2-1. Mich Kabouchi, would tap in a rebound in front making it 3-1. With about three minutes remaining, Boivin would extend the lead with a short-side wrister, 4-1. With a little over a minute left, spare, Esther Mailhout would blast it home from the face-off dot, 4-2. B. Payer would score on the next play as he stole the ball and banged in his own rebound. What happened next would be a travesty for BD, as the defensemen coughed up the ball and Stephane Chenier would walk in alone and bury it into the empty net. And that’s how this one looked when the dust settled as TR take this one 5-3.