Hat Trick Ball Hockey League
Coed Kanata - Tuesday


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Weekly Update

And just like that the season is over!

We were treated to a couple of good games to end the season as we saw a late win, a push towards the end and a well played team game shutout!

In the end, congrats to all four teams that played tonight and put on a great show. To see who was crowned champions, check out and LIKE our Facebook page www.facebook.com/htbhl

Plenty of work goes into a season and we want to start by thanking the captains who lead the teams and run around after spares to ensure a full squad is ready to go each game. Next in line is a big thank you to our refs and scorekeepers who do a meaningful job and never get the full credit or appreciation they actually deserve so to them we say THANK YOU! Last but not least, you players. Thanks to each and everyone of you who play and make this HTBHL family what it is. Since the league began, many friendships, bonds, relationships and HTBHL babies have created and we love seeing that every time you are on the floor!

We’ll be sending a feedback email in the next few weeks! Be sure to give us your feedback on anything and everything.

Wishing you all a GREAT summer and for one last time, here are the recaps:

Capital City Lions vs West Ottawa Real Estate

Semi’s #1… WO looked to continue their run to the finals, but they needed to get past CCL first. The first seven minutes of the period CCL were in control and heavily outshooting WO. Austin Perron opened the scoring with a deep shot off the Villeneuve’s blocker. Less than a minute later, Mike Bisson went to the net and buried the rebound, 1-1. WO took a 2-1 lead after the initial shot went off Jordie Beauchamp and in. WO used momentum and started to put CCL on their heels. With three minutes left Beauchamp broke free, deked the goalie and put WO up 3-1. The second half saw it’s first goal five minutes, Jeff Potts was on the wing at the circle when he fired five-hole, CCL down one. Two minutes later Perron tied the game with a point shot past the glove. Less than a minute after CCL took back the lead after Kelly Brant roofed in the rebound. WO fought back and Bisson scored through the crowd beating the blocker, game tied 4-4 with nine minutes left. The clock was ticking down, Brant was at the bottom of the circle when she quickly released the shot and put CCL up 5-4. WO pulled the goalie and put everything on the line, but CCL were able to hold them off and CCL advance to the finals.

Original Four vs Buzzkills

Semi’s #2… The first ten minutes of the period OF were all over BZ. Finally, Dan Ballem got OF on the board after he picked the ball up and deked his way up the floor, then drawing out squires and quickly going across to put it into the open net, 1-0. Under five minutes left, Chris Stott wound up the slap shot, OF up 2-0 and in total control. OF made some nice passes up the floor, Litt St-Jean was on the far post when she got the pass, with a one timer she found the five hole and OF took a 3-0 lead into the second period. BZ came out of the second with a new energy and started to get more shots on the net. BZ carried the ball up the wing, Lynn Fournelle was in the low slot, the pass came across and Lynn backhanded it back across over the glove getting BZ on the board and giving them some hope. Off the next draw BZ got the ball deep in the offensive zone, Bradley McCarter picked it up behind the net, trying to get in front of the net with some quick moves, the ball deflected off the D’s foot and quickly made it a one goal game. Seven minutes left, OF had the ball, with a quick pass across the floor, Ballem T’d up the one timer and blasted in the 4th goal. OF took a 5-2 lead when Brock Murray walked in and picked top cheese. OF used the rest of the clock and held the lead 5-2. OF advance to the finals against CCL.

CCL vs Original Four

FINALS… OF continued where they left off from the game before.  OF controlled the draw, they got it back to Chris Stott on the point, for the point shot, OF took a quick 1-0 lead less than a minute in. Less than a minute later, Andrew Stephens made it 2-0, OF looked in control. CCL tried with everything to get anything past Latham but couldn’t find a hole. Half way through the second Dan Ballem made it 3-0 in tight, OF kept the goals coming. Amanda Murray was on the doorstep when she buried it five-hole, OF going steady, 5-0. OF continued to shut down any attempt CCL threw their way. Under four minutes left, CCL got the powerplay. CCL pulled the goalie which made it a 5-3, CCL had control of the ball and looked like they were about to break the shutout until Ballem picked up the loose ball and scoring the empty net shorty. CCL couldn’t find way to get on the board and Latham records the shutout in the finals. OF takes the championship 6-0. Congrats OF Champs!