Hat Trick Ball Hockey League
Men's - Vanier


Our first week of the playoffs is in the books as we had all our Quarterfinal matchups for all 5 divisions.  Out of the 12 games, 5 of them were upsets on paper with the Ottawa Knights winning both their Play In game as well as taking out the top seed in the B.  This is on top of one of our C2 games having to be decided in double overtime.  There were 12 hat tricks recorded with 3 of them coming in the final game of the night between Invaders and Pistols.  Leading that group was OK Jonathan Lachance (5G) while PT William Budge (1G/6A) was the top offensive player of the day.  Between the pipes, BSK Bassem Koudsi (1G/27SH) came up big when it counted helping his team advance to the Semis.  Now we have a break and then on to our Semis and Finals to determine our division CHAMPS!

For those teams that played their last game of the season we hope you enjoyed the league and will be back in September if we don’t see you on the floor this summer.


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The first week will see a Play In game between (5vs4) to determine the 4th seed.  Semis (4vs1, 3vs2) and Finals (2vs1) to take place the second week with a break in between games.


The first week will see a Play In game between (9vs8) to determine the 8th seed.  The winner will get a break and play the same day in the Quarterfinals (8vs1, 7vs2, 6vs3, 5vs4).  Semis (4vs1, 3vs2) and Finals (2vs1) to take place the second week with a break in between games.


The C division will be split into two with the top 6 teams competing on the C1 side while the bottom 6 teams will play on the C2 side. 

C1 – The top 2 teams will get a BYE with Quarterfinals (6vs3, 5vs4) to take place the first week.  Semis (4vs1, 3vs2) and Finals (2vs1) to be played the second week with a break in between games.

C1 FINAL - 7:10PM

C2 – The top 2 teams will get a BYE with Quarterfinals (6vs3, 5vs4) to take place the first week.  Semis (4vs1, 3vs2) and Finals (2vs1) to be played the second week with a break in between games.

C2 FINAL - 11:40AM


The top 2 teams will get a BYE with Quarterfinals (6vs3, 5vs4) to take place the first week.  Semis (4vs1, 3vs2) and Finals (2vs1) to be played the second week with a break in between games.


-Playoffs are currently scheduled for Sunday April 14th and 28th

-All players require 4 games played to qualify for the playoffs and we go by the website.

-Any playoff goalies spares must be approved by the league in advance as it cannot be an upgrade in our opinion.

-The higher seed has priority on game time, shirt colour and which end of the gym the want.

Now on to the recaps:

B - Ottawa Knights (9) vs. Garbagemen (8)

First playoff game of the day and sadly only one team came ready to RUMBLE as can be the case with the early game of the day but I still didn’t see this kind of start happening as OK came out flying and HOLY CRAP I do mean they came ready to play as they potted 3 goals on their first 5 shots of the game all started by “Patrick Kane” aka Jonathan Lachance ripping one from his office followed by “The Sniper” aka “Mr. Smooth” aka Jayson Goodwin going shelf and finally the one and only “Dustin Hoffman” aka Brandon Moreau unleashing one from his office making it 3-0. Finally, GBM would get on the scoresheet when “Joe Corvo” aka Mike Foss rips one making it a 3-1 game and maybe some hope. Sadly for GBM they just couldn’t keep the momentum going and OK are the ones who go on a scoring romp with another three more goals from “McDavid” aka Lachance who has had a MONSTER of a year and it continued right into the playoffs with all three thanks to him along with his earlier one puts him at a WHOPPING 4 goals and this game is maybe out of reach with a HUGE 6-1 advantage and that’s how we headed into the break. Well the 2nd period could not have started any better for GBM as they get an early PP and its none other than “EK65” aka Austin Miljour-Selkirk ripping one shelf from the slot making it 6-2 now. But sadly OK come right back and its Lachance who makes them pay with yet another sweet goal making it 7-2 game. Well next up was OK turn at a PP and they wasted little time lighting the lamp as “The Real McDavid” aka Nigel Madore buries the juicy rebound making it an 8-2 game and this one just might be out of reach for GBM. Sadly this game stayed a one sided affair and when the final buzzer sounds its OK 8-3 Final.

OK – Kyle Bigger – 30 shots

GBM – Eric Carbonneau – 33 shots


C1 – Pretty Fly For a 10ply vs. Les Gars

This was going to be a close game as I feel they are just too evenly matched and my prediction will come down to the goalies between the pipes. Just as I had predicted it was the goalies that would shine in the first as nothing and I do mean nothing would get past these Giants between the pipes and we are heading into the break all Goose Eggs. The 2nd period saw the tempo and physical play pick up big time as both sides really want the first goal and it came with 13min to go in the game thanks to the one and only “Blake Wheeler” aka Callum Kristensen rips one shelf making it a 1-0 game. A few minutes later they would pot another HUGE goal this time by “Johnny Goudreau” aka Fabien Lefebvre sniping a beauty making it 2-0 and PF are in big trouble now. When it rains it pours and with ten minutes to play LG bury a massive goal again by Kristensen who goes shelf making it a 3-0 game and maybe its too high a mountain to climb. HOLY CRAP with a buck to go PF gets one the board and maybe some hope. Well literally seconds later “Goalie Turned Player” aka “The Workhorse” aka Joseph Manoni buries one making it a 3-2 game with 30 seconds to play. Well they would yank the goalie in hopes for the equalizer but they can’t beat Auger one more time and this one ends with a very entertaining fast paced 3-2 LG Win.

LG – Guillaume Auger – 30 shots

PF – Kevin Chartier – 31 shots


B – Ottawa Knights (8) vs. 2 Sticks 1 Puck (1)

This game had a bit of everything including a TON of goals as the goalies were in for a fight given that both sides have multiple SNIPERS that can LIGHT THE LAMP. It would be SP who start this one off early thanks to “Shea Webber” aka Ralph Younes who unloads one from up top making it 1-0. OK would come right back with back to back beauties from “Mike Hoffman” aka Brandon Moreau ripping one followed by “Zedeno Chara” aka Cam Willmott blasting one and up 2-1 now. A buck later SP even it up while on a PP when Younes again goes shelf from his office and 2-2. Both sides would exchange goals one more time making this a 3-3 game. HOLY SMOKES I can’t keep up with the goals as Moreau again uses that sick release of his making it a 4-3 score. Literally seconds later SP evens it up yet again when “The Wonder Boy” aka “Johnny Goudreau” aka Eric Lamothe uses those sick mits of his making it 4-4 now. With time running out in the period OK gets a HUGE go ahead goal from “Barkov” aka Connor Robillard making it a 5-4 game as we head into the break. The 2nd period was going to be a very entertaining period as either team has the ability to take the Win. First to score would be SP one and only “Brad Marchant” aka Kent Jacobs who has a crazy release making it 5-5 now. I honestly cant keep up with the goals beings scored so I will say that both sides potted two more each making it a 7-7 game with 7min to go and that’s when OK gets a HUGE go ahead goal from “Mr. Clutch” aka Robillard who just has the magic touch from in close making it 8-7. OK would bury one late and that is all she wrote as “The Fat Lady Has Sung” with an OK 9-7 Final.

OK – Kyle Bigger – 40 shots

SP – Ryan Girgrah – 44 shots


C1 - Eastside Sabres Snipers (5) vs. Ball Breakers (4)

This game had the potential of going either way as both sides have solid high level goalies between the pipes but I think its going to come down to execution as a team and I honestly do not know who will walk away with the Win. ESS would light the lamp first when “Jake Guentzel” aka Corey Bourdeau makes no mistake from the slot making it 1-0. A buck later BB evens it up when “Mr. Smooth” aka “Steven Stamkos” aka Denis Perron snipes one making it 1-1. Both sides would exchange goals one more time making it 2-2 and still up for grabs. ESS would ramp things up and light the lamp with back to back beauties from guys like Bourdeau “The Demolition Man” and “Patrick Kane Meets Connor McDavid” aka Jonathan Lachance uses those silky-smooth hands of his and BOOM its 4-2 just like that. BB would regroup and get one back when “Jonathan Drouin” aka Nicolas Hubert making it a 4-3 game and still up for grabs. Well that goal seemed to spark ESS top dogs as they went off on BB with a whopping 3 straight goals from above mentioned and OH BOY this game is dangerously close to being a blowout if BB don’t get their A game back and just like that the score is now 7-3 and that’s how we head into the break. The 2nd period was going to go one of two ways for BB and I am hoping they get their MOJO back and make a game of it. Well it didn’t take long to see our next goal and it came from the one and only “Grinder” aka “Nathan McKinnon” aka Derek Kelly making it 8-3 and BB are in BIG TROUBLE. BB would make a push back as “The Sniper” aka Nicholas Perron with back to back beauties making it an 8-5 game and maybe some hope. Sadly, I was wrong as ESS were too much to handle and this one ends with a BIG 9-5 ESS Win.

ESS – Mathieu Lachance – 40 shots

BB – JP Donnelly – 45 shots


A – Bud Busters (5) vs. Ottawa Sod Guys (4)

This game had battle royal written all over it and the implications were MASSIVE with the winner moving on to take on The Wizards in the Semifinals for a shot at the Title. Well it was intense right from the drop and you know it was on right from the 1st whistle to the final buzzer. BUD would open the scoring thanks to the one and only “Human Highlight Reel” aka “Pat Portelance who makes no mistake making it 1-0 early. A few minutes later OSG would even this Bad Boy up when “Sean Monahan” aka Danny McCloskey has his own rebound go off the goalie, hit his own body and in making it a good goal and more importantly 1-1 game. Things would get intense after that as time and space was a luxury and next to light the lamp would be OSG one and only “Brent Burns” aka Matt Denis who unloads one from up top making it 2-1. Things would get FREAKING CRAZY after that as BB were called for not 1 not 2 but 3 unsportsmanlike penalties all at the same time and that would prove to be BIG as OSG pot 2 straight to make it 4-2 with PP goals from “Tyler Seguin” aka Peter Freeth and the one and only “Total Package” aka “The Magician” aka “ “Mitch Marner” aka Mich Kabouchi who had a MONSTER of a game and just like that its OSG up 4-1 and that’s how we head into the break. The 2nd period saw the game get physical and chippy as every shift was a battle as OSG had a full lineup and could go all out every shift forcing BUD to play a perfect game with a short bench. Well BUD would get one back when “The Demolition Man” aka “Beast Mode” aka “Victor Hedman mixed with Evgeni Malkin Hands” aka Luka McBride buries a sweet goal from down low making it a 4-2 game and maybe the spark they needed to get back in this game. A few minutes later OSG get that goal back thanks to Denis and his LASER shot from his office making it 5-2 now. Things would get worse for BUD as “Brad Marchant” aka Ian Mcinnis snipes a beauty from in close making it 6-3 and time is slowly running out for BUD. Well Portelance would again use that magic twig of his and just unloads an absolute LASER from the top of the circle as the goalie didn’t even see it and BOOM it’s now 6-3 and again some hope. Again, OSG had an answer for every move BUD played and this time its “The School Teacher” aka “Nikita Kucherov” aka Dave McCloskey who puts the Dagger in BUD’s back and maybe its enough. BUD would not go down without a fight and Portelance again rips one of his classic rockets making this a 7-4 game and again some hope. Well with time running out BUD gets a huge PP and they make good on it when “Joe Corvo” aka Matt James snipes one making this a 7-5 game. BUD would be forced to pull their goalie but sadly they can’t get another one and this one ends with a very entertaining highly skilled OSG 7-5 Final win and a shot at the BIG DANCE.

OSG – Mitch Tennian – 45 shots

BUD – Theo Devries – 44 shots


D - Eastside JagrBombs (6) vs. Beast Mode (3)

This was another great matchup with the winner moving on to the semifinals in two weeks and sadly the loser going home early. Let’s get to the action as this game did not go as I thought it would with one team totally taking over and out scoring the other BIG TIME. BM would light the lamp first with back to back beauties from guys like “Torey Krug” aka Dave Bean sniping a beauty followed by teammate and brother “Elias Lindholm” aka Andrew Bean making it 2-0 early. ESJ would get one back a few minutes later when “Captain Canada” aka Ken Crandall rips one from up top having it go off the goalie’s glove and shelf making it 2-1. With time running out in the period BM pot another one making it 3-1 heading into the break. Well this is when I would love to say the 2nd period was a real barn burner back and forth kind of game but it was the exact opposite as BM totally took over the period as they controlled most if not the entire period in every department but most importantly in the goals for section as they just were not going to be denied and it paid off in the best way possible as they lit the lamp with a Hatty of goals in as many minutes from guys like “John Tavares” aka Kenny Nicolaou going shelf followed by “Jonathan Toews” aka Eric Savage making no mistake from the slot, up next was “Miko Rantanen” aka Connor Wilson sniping one making it a 6-1 game and that just might be all she wrote as ESJB don’t seem to have it in them for some reason. Well sadly I was right as BM would go for the throat and pot three more goals as just about every single player got in on the action and when all was said and done this one ended with a HUGE BM 9-1 Win.

BM – Kyle Dehaan – 21 shots

ESJ – Martin Chenier – 35 shots


B – Dragons (6) vs. Trash Pandas (3)

Next up we would have the red hot Dragons taking the floor vs the dangerous Trash Pandas in a B division match-up. Both teams have stellar goaltending and not to forget their offensive touch. TP broke the ice early as “Goalie Turned Player” aka Maxime Hebert finds “The Grinder” aka Ian White (2G) backdoor for a sweet backdoor connection. This is when the goalies on both sides would take over. “Tiger Woods” aka Theo Devries would face a barrage of shots, turning away all of them. TP would create a turnover and go on the offensive, Russell Smith would get off a one timer but “Holtby” aka Mathieu Gauthier would make a diving pad save. We would see this game go to half with a score of 1-0 TP. Whatever DG said in during the break worked as they would come out flying as “Duchene” aka Zach Bissonnette (1G/2A) would redirect a shot past the TP netminder and we are all knotted up at 1 all. It would stay like that for awhile as the goalies were unreal again. The teams would exchange goals to make it 2-2 with this being anyone's game. Zach Bissonnette (1G/2A) would work behind the net and find Jason Jones in front of the net for an easy tap in. DG would get a late PP and they would make no mistake as “Baseball Superstar” aka Jared Danic would unload a slapper from up top roofing it giving his boys a 4-2 lead. TP would continue to push, but it would be DG scoring again in the last minute. TP are unable to slay the dragon as Dragons move on with a 5-2 victory.

DG - Mathieu Gauthier - 34 shots

TP - Theo Devries - 32 shots


D - Orleans Snowbirds (5) vs Butt Snorkelers (4)

Next up we would have the Orleans Snowbirds taking flight vs the Butt Snorkelers. Both teams are very much capable of scoring in this one. BSK would get off to a hot start as “Connor McDavid” aka Dom Martin lets a rocket go from the point through the screen beating the goalie. It would stay like this for a while as the goalies started to shine. OSB would finally break through as they would grind one and bury one from Benoit Delisle. BSK would answer back quickly regaining the lead thanks to another blast from D.Martin. BSK would keep the pressure on as they were not happy with just a 1 goal lead. “Milan Lucic” aka Nigel Madore would battle 2 guys downlow and feed “The Young Man” aka Ike Diakoumeas and he would tap it in. 3-1 BSK with time running out. BSK would keep on pressuring as Madore forces a turnover and Diakoumeas would snipe a shot far side giving BSK a huge 4-1 lead. BSK would add another late. Unfortunately for OSB, BSK would keep the birds grounded as BSK wins 5-1.

BSK - Bassem Koudsi - 27 shots

OSB - Martin Tremblay - 37 shots

C2 – Ottawa Rampage (5) vs Healthy Scratches (4)

This next playoff matchup would be between the short benched Ottawa Rampage taking on the deadly Healthy Scratches. This one would take a while before we saw our first goal as the goalies were not skipping a beat. HS would keep peppering the OR cage but Gavin Hiscock would be up to the challenge. Finally with 3 mins left HS would finally break the scoring drought with a rebound goal from Casey Grant. It would stay like this for the rest of the period as HS go into the break leading 1-0 and leading in shots 21-12. The second period would take 8 mins before the “Human Bowling Ball” aka “Princess” aka Seb Lalonde (1G/2A) would bury one in tight to give his boys a huge 2-0 lead in this showdown. The floodgates were now open as OR finally get a goal as it is Matt Dufton who would walk down the far side and shoot far side making it 2-1. Before the ink was dry HS would answer back as it was Chris Brodkin doing the damage this time, 3-1 HS. OR kept fighting back as they would bury another one after a huge save from their tendy, thanks to Nicolas Rochette (3G). HS would get some breathing room as the “Ovechkid” aka “3rd Best Perron in HTBHL” aka Nicholas Perron would snipe a shot off the goalie and into the cage, 4-2 HS. With 2 mins left and OR down 2 goals, the combination of Pat Portelance and Nicolas Rochette (3G) would combine for 2 goals to force overtime. The first OT solved nothing but in 2OT “THE GOOON” aka Roger Lavoie’s wrister would find its way through. HS take this one 5-4 in 2OT.

HS - JF Paquette - 41 shots

OR - Gavin Hiscock - 46 shots


B – Canucks (5) vs Picked Up On Waivers (4)

This would be an interesting game in the B division as we would have the Canucks going to battle vs the boys on Picked Up On Waivers. It took 5 mins for PUOW to break open this game as Nick Agro would bat a rebound out of mid air, giving his boys a big 1-0 lead. 5 mins later CAN would even it up as Sebastien Tremblay (2G/1A) was left alone in front and made a move to his backhand before burying one into the open net. Before you could blink “Connor McDavid” aka “Beast Mode” aka Tyer Cayen (4G) would walk into a shot and place it top shelf for a 2-1 lead for CAN. PUOW would not fluster as they would get some zone time and then finally “The Machine” aka Kristopher Lavoie would bury a one timer to even this one back up. CAN would take a penalty but it did not matter as Cayen stole the ball and roofed one shortside on the goalie for a highlight reel shorthanded snipe. CAN would kill off the PK and get a PP for themselves and Cayen again would bury a slapper for a massive goal. Before the ink was dry, Jesse Charron won the faceoff to himself and walked in and sniped it for a HUGE goal. This game ramped up and it would be the CAN who would score again in this back and forth war as Tremblay would bury another as it was 5-3 CAN now with the pace increased. CAN would keep pouring it on as who else then CAYEN who was having a MONSTER game as usual made it 6-3 CAN. In the last 10 mins PUOW would pressure but CAN would not break as they win this one by a final score of 6-3.

CAN - Nick Jackson - 44 shots

PUOW - James Spottswood - 37 shots


C2 – Kingsmen (6) vs Blue Belugas (3)

We would have another C division match up as Kingsmen would suit up vs Blue Belugas. The teams would come out flying in this one as BUB star Bruce Chillcott (4G/2A) would score 2 goals right away and KM would have an answer for the 2 goals from Chris Tessier (3G). Just like that it was 2-2. Tessier strikes again for KM off a rebound as we are 10 mins in and he already has potted the natural hat trick. Not to be outdone, Chillcott picks up the ball and wires one past the goalie to complete his hat trick. BUB would work the short benched KM and pot 2 more giving BUB the lead 5-3. KM answered back thanks to captain Alex Masek (2G/2A), bringing this one a little closer. This one would go to half 5-4 BUB. 2nd period saw Chillcott pot another to extend the lead with a cheeky 5 hole goal and then followed up with Dave Allston scoring to make it 7-4 BUB. Masek would bury another slapper to bring this one back to a 2 goal difference. Both teams would exchange goals making it 8-6 now. Unfortunately for KM this is as close as they would come as BUB would hold on for an 8-6 win.

BUB - Jeff Moreau - 39 shots

KM - Cedrick Cave-Gonga - 44 shots


B – Invaders (7) vs Pistols (2)

In our last game of the night we had the dangerous Pistols taking on the veterans of the Invaders. PT would not waste any time getting started as Big Jon Bowes would bury not 1 but 2 snipes, giving the boys a HUGE 2-0 lead to start off. PT kept it coming as Spencer Rodd would bury a rebound through the legs of the defender. With 10 mins left in the first INV would finally answer back as “The Young Man” aka Andre Bond buries a rebound and within 30 seconds INV would strike again. PT would keep working however, and Robbie Sommerville would do it all himself to score a sick goal to make it 4-2 PT. With 3 mins left in the 1st, Howard Wong would intercept a pass and ROCKET a shot past the glove hand of the PT netminder. PT pushed back and it was none other than Scott Mcilroy. To start the second, 2 mins in “Backstrom” aka William Budge finds Bowes backdoor for a sweet one timer finish to extend the lead. PT would pile on two more to make the comeback that much harder as it was an 8-3 PT lead with 15mins to go in the 2nd. INV would start to claw back as they bury 2 goals from Van Berkel and A.Bond again on a sweet finish to cut the lead to 8-5 PT. This game would get a bit rough but the teams again would trade goals as the blood started to boil with the scoer 9-6 PT. INV would push but it was a little too late as PT would just trade goals with them. PT would add a couple empty netters and take this one 12-7.

PT - Matt Ellis - 40 shots

INV - Dominik Giroux - 38 shots