Coed Tourney - October 29th, 2016, Beatrice Desloges

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What a great day for hockey! We held both a REC division and a COMP division and it was fantastic. The COMP recap is below.

In the REC:

Congratulations to ANDRE3000 who defeated the Dragons 1-0 in our REC finals. Andre 3000 were perfect in the round robin, and needed overtime in the semifinals to secure a spot in the big dance. With the score still scoreless and just about 2:00 to go, the blue squad would pop one and never look back! Great game!

Champions:  ANDRE3000

Mark Laurin, Ryan Stasiuk, Mike Ostrom, Mathieu Poitras, Jessica Wilson, Ashley Clow, Mel Pageau, Claudia Bergeron, Stephane Portelance


In the COMP:

What great hockey!  Some of Ottawa’s best coed players were playing and it was a real treat to watch. In the end, only one team could get the bragging rights, and that was the RedBlacks, as they defeated the Square Frogs 4-1. The Redblacks were winless in the round robin but stringed together a couple wins to be posing in the picture. Congrats to a well-deserved victory.

Champions:  RedBlacks

Kristen Jorgensen, Maya Urbanowicz , Chantal Lalonde, Patricia Locatelli, Matt Denis, Jonathan von Teichman, Rob Pellerin, Chuck Plante, Nick Lamb, Jake Atkinson