Hat Trick Ball Hockey League
Men's Vanier - Tuesday

Week #5 now in the books as we skipped a week due to the mighty storm.  On this day, we had a bit of a change with Eastside Sabres playing a back to back while the Nordiques had the week off.  Out of the 3 games, only one was close needing an overtime shootout while the other 2 games were blowouts.  There were 4 hat tricks recorded with BDB Phil Beachamp (5G) leading the way and earning top offensive player of the week.  Between the pipes, GB Scott M Gordon (1G/21shots) received the nod as the top goaltender helping his team go above the 500 mark.  We now have a 3 way tie at the top of the standings between Hatrick Swayze, Bar Down Bandits and Goblins.


-We are still evaluating our options for making up the games on February 12th and captains will be informed.


-All sticks blades must be covered with white hockey tape to protect the floors.

-Every team must have backup team shirts (WHITE or BLACK) in case team shirts are too close in colour.

-All bags should be put behind team benches to ensure nothing goes missing.

-No wet shoes or boots in the gymnasium.

-Absolutely no playing hockey anywhere but on the gymnasium floor.

-If you are going to consume any alcohol please go off the property.

Now on to the recaps:

Bar Down Bandits vs Hatrick Swayze

Coming off a week that was cancelled due to the weather we got back at it with BDB coming off a game where they got spanked so they would be looking to rebound.  HSZ was coming off a win looking to keep it going. HSZ would score first as Captain Evan Mulders would find a rebound sitting there and bang it home.  However, BDB Phil Beauchamp (5G) would take his team on his back as his team would go on a tear scoring 8 goals in a row taking us to the 10min mark of the 2nd half. Matt Scharf (3A) was key in setting up the plays while Rick Moreno (3G) finished them off. HSZ would score a couple goals after that onslaught but would be answered by 2 more from BDB who were firing on all cylinders this night. I expected a much closer game but we all have off nights and you can bet HSZ will come ready next week as they took it on the chin by a score of 10-3.

BDB – Alex Cousineau – 14 shots

HSZ – Dom Giroux – 34 shots


Eastside Sabres vs Untouchables

Here we go with game #2 which was by far the game of the night as the other 2 games were blowouts. UN were coming off a win in a tight game against the boys from MTL so they were looking to keep on winning. ESS were coming off a loss so with 2 games on this night they would be looking to get at least one win at the very least. Let’s pick it up at 2-1 for ESS and back and forth we go as both teams were trading goal for goal. UN Chris Coulas (4G/1A) would smash home the rebound in tight. Almost right after ESS Justin Carpenter would retake the lead finishing off the cross floor pass.  However, UN’s Coulas would score twice to take a lead with both goals being set up by veteran Andre Bond (3A). ESS Nicholas Perron (2G/2A) would get it back on the PP blasting one by the tender. The 2nd period would start the same as the first going back and forth as UN would get a lead and keep it until the end when ESS would tie it up late with 2 goals taking us to an overtime shootout. N.Perron would play the hero scoring while his goalie would make the save for the thrilling comeback victory as ESS take it 8-7 in OT.

ESS – Kyle Conlin – 31 shots

UN – Dom Giroux – 22 shots


Goblins vs Eastside Sabres

Last game of the night saw GB coming off a blowout victory 2 weeks ago while ESS played the game right before winning a tight one in which they expended a lot of energy Let’s see what they have left in the tank. GB would come out firing scoring 5 straight goals with spare Stephane Mason (3G/1A) lighting the lamp and Brandon Irving(1G/3A) setting them up. ESS would get there only goal of the game after the GB onslaught as Devin Costain would tally late in the first. The score would stand at 5-1 at the half for GB who would pick up where they left off scoring goal after goal after goal. Shawn Chaine started it off for the boys and some other players would get in on the scoring as this was a stats night. GB goaltender Scott M Gordon shut the door making it look easy as ESS were just too gassed from the previous game and were not able to get many real chances on a very good goalie as GB take this one in a landslide 10-1.

GB – Scott M Gordon – 21 shots

ESS – Kyle Conlin – 29 shots