Hat Trick Ball Hockey League
Summer Men's Arena - Thursday

And it’s over… The B finals took place tonight and we were treated to a good ol’ hockey game! Before we get to the recaps, we want to thank each and every one for playing this season. A huge shout out to captains for putting teams together and dealing with spares all season. A big thanks goes out to our refs and scorekeeper who have a difficult job but do it well, even tough some of you may disagree.

Now, the champs can be seen by visiting www.facebook.com/htbhl or you can check them out below in the recaps!

Garbagemen (5) vs Damaged Goods (6)

B Finals! It didn’t take long for the action to start. DG had nice give and go’s up the floor between to men, the final pass found Jared Comeau open on the far side for an easy tap in. GBM came right back and found Alex Does just inside the blue line, with the one timer he beat Chartrand up high, 1-1. Another minute and DG took back the lead. The next minutes the play started to settle, the tempo continued to stay high. GBM kept hammering shots from them point with few making it through to the net and DG got a few breaks on counters of deflected passes. Ten minutes, Mark Burger carries the ball into the corner on a difficult angle throws it on net and fouls Quach in nets, 2-1 DG. There was four to go when DG some how cleared the ball from the goal line.  GBM started to push DG on their heels keeping the ball down low, in the last seconds of the period with a shot from their own end and it almost found it’s way in. First period goes to DG 3-1, shots 15-13. GBM kept up the tempo the start of the second period and were right back in the offensive zone. DG played good D and held out their goalie clearing all the lose balls. DG carried the ball up the floor and for a couple of minutes held GBM in their own end, with no shot on net. Five minutes into the period DG picked up the tempo and the play went back end to end with both teams getting shots through to the net. DG added to their lead after a bad give away into the slot for a Comeau’s second. Minute later, GBM were a little to casual taking the ball out of their end, pocket picked passed across and Comeau got the hattie. Two minutes later, GBM cleaned up their play, Austin Miljour-Selkirk jumped on the rebound and backhanded it past the goalie. The next play GBM got the ball behind the net passed it out front and Chartrand came up with the huge save, DG still up 5-2. GBM needing three goals had to kill off the two-minute penalty to keep the score as close as possible. Six minutes left GBM pushing with four men forward giving up the breakaway but with the sprinting D they broke it up and came right back. DG started to play the safe game, dumping the ball deep and not risking any plays. Four and half minutes, the pass comes across to Richard Selkirk who blasted in past the game. GBM took the timeout, DG used the break and came right back to score and break the camels back, 6-3 three minutes left. GBM scored a fourth with forty seconds left, but DG held them off and became B CHAMPS.

DG – MC Chartrand – 23 shots

GBM – Steve Quach – 26 shots

Arizona Coyotes vs Badgers

AC and BAD came out for a fun tonight. Both teams had different goalies and a shorter roster. The game started off slow but slowly picked up. BAD found themselves in the box, but they had two huge scoring chances. AC’s goalie came across huge sprawling glove save, to immediately go across and make another huge sprawling save on the other side. The ball come through the slot and AC fired it home taking the lead,1-0, with ten minutes left. Five minutes left BAD took a quick shot from the slot and tied the game. Two and a half minutes left AC took a 2-1 lead after the ball was poked through the legs. Five minutes into the second period both teams scored another each, 3-2. Thirteen minutes left BAD carried the ball up the floor and found the back of the net tying the game. The rest of the period went end to end with blocked shot, broken plays and some saves. It can down to the final minutes to have a winner. Two minutes BAD broke free alone on the goalie but couldn’t finish the play. The next faceoff BAD got the shot and the rebound and took a 4-3 lead with forty seconds left. Thirty seconds left AC came down the floor with a low shot beside the post it was tied again. Shootout, four rounds and AC scored the winner!